I’m a Hawaii and Washington, DC based cinematographer, colorist, editor, and storyteller.

I love capturing images of people, their emotions, character, and telling their story.  I am fascinated by light, and how it can affect the way an audience feels about the person they're watching on the screen.  Whether it's warm or cold, harsh or soft, light enables us to effectively portray a person's feelings, their message and their story through a lens to the viewer. 

I am excited about producing beautiful, cinematic images through creative camera work and lighting, to tell powerful stories that touch and move the viewer in a special, unique way. 

If you are looking for a cinematographer, camera operator / Steadicam operator for your project, or want to collaborate, give me a shout!






  • ARRI Alexa Mini + Accessories 



  • Steadicam M-1 System
  • GPI Pro Titan Arm
  • Exovest